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August 12th, 2008

by Bobby Gruenewald

I need more…

I’ve talked with hundreds of pastors and one comment that I have heard over and over again is “If we just had more _______ (money, leaders, members, buildings, campuses, resources) we could ________ (do more ministry, help more people, accomplish more for Christ).” It doesn’t even matter how large the church is or how significant the church budget isI’ve heard it. Inside of larger churches, I’ve heard it in the context of specific ministries. I’ve also said it myself several times.

I truly believe what Craig often says…we have every resource we need to reach the people God has called us to reach today. If our church would have started with the resources we have today, it wouldn’t surprise me if we would have screwed it all up and wasted a ton in the process. And if we would have waited until we had enough resources to reach 25k people…we’d still be waiting.

It many cases the “need” for more paralyzes ministries. The answer to every challenge or opportunity is too often and too easily “more resources.” When we believe THE answer to growing our ministries is more resources, it creates some pretty significant theology challenges. Does money or things or marketing or technology draw people to Christ…or does God?

Here are a few questions I think we should be asking when it seems the answer is more…

  • What does God want to teach us in order to entrust us with more?
  • How can we better invest what we already have to get a better Kingdom return? How can we take the same resources we have and get more out of them?
  • What could God accomplish with less than what we have? How can we create margin by decreasing what we’re using?

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