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December 27th, 2010

by Bobby Gruenewald

YouVersion: 1 Month. 1 Billion Minutes

bible-app-iconDuring the YouVersion webcast we hosted in November, we shared a God-sized goal: To see users of the Bible App spend at least 1 billion minutes reading the Bible during just the month of January. Now that time is here, and we could really use your help to see this vision fulfilled.

Around New Year’s, many people want a fresh start, often deciding that this will be the year they’re going to read the Bible. We’ve literally been preparing for this moment for months. We’ve brought the Bible App to iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, PalmOS-even Facebook. Reading Plans have proven to be a great tool to help both new and seasoned readers walk through the Scriptures, so we’ve added several new ones (like the One Year® Bible NLT), with even more on the way.

We’ve shared simple things everyone can do-rate the Bible App in iTunes, help connect friends with the Bible, and share on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve even added a resource page to to help people be part of the challenge. Here’s how you can help specifically:

  1. Read as much Scripture in the Bible App as you can during January.
  2. Encourage everyone you influence to do the same.

YouVersion saw some amazing numbers during 2010 (installed on more than 12 million devices, used to engage with Scripture for more than 4 billion minutes). We’re convinced God is up to something even bigger. And we believe that helping other people fall in love with His Word is the most important thing we can all do to be a part.


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December 21st, 2010

by Craig Groeschel

One Prayer Update

Over the past three years, over 2,000 churches participated in a unifying movement called One Prayer.

What started as a little idea, God turned into a movement. By His grace, God used those churches to help plant over 2700 churches in China, Cambodia, India and Sudan. According to estimates, over 43,000 people have been baptized through these church plants. May God get all the glory!

It is humbling to play such a small role in something with such big results.

After a lot of prayer, our team has decided not to do a One Prayer series in 2011. We’ll be prayerful about future opportunities for Kingdom initiatives.

Keeping with the spirit of One Prayer, we encourage you to look for opportunities to work with other churches. I know God is honored when you reach out to other church leaders and partner to serve your communities together.

I’m hoping our churches can be an answer to Jesus’ prayer for unity in John 17. May God continue to raise leaders to unite his church and impact the world.


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December 16th, 2010

by Bobby Gruenewald

December 25: Global Share the Bible Day

picture-7To help remind people of the true meaning of Christmas, YouVersion is leading an effort to make the Bible as visible as possible during this season. We’ve set Saturday, December 25, as Global Share the Bible Day. We’d be honored if you would join us.

The idea is to get as many people as possible talking about the Bible leading up to—and especially on—December 25. We’re asking people to engage others in everyday conversations, to send tweets, to update their Facebook status, and even to highlight it on pages on their websites. (And those who spread the word ahead of time might just enjoy an extra gift this year: Their choice of an iPad, an iPhone 4, or a Nexus S!)

We’ve suggested ideas as simple as sharing what God has done in your life, sharing your favorite verse, and sharing about the Christmas story. We’re hoping that if people will use the hash tag #Bible, we can build some momentum online.

We’re also asking people to consider telling others how they can get the Bible for free through the Bible App. (We specifically designed it to make it easy for believers to share both their faith and how they’re using YouVersion, so we hope that will help people participate.)

Please prayerfully consider joining us, speaking to your circles of influence, and encouraging others to spread the word building up to—and especially on—that day. We’d love your help to draw as much attention to the Bible as we can on December 25.

What you can do now:

What you can do on Christmas day:

  • Share the Bible in your social media spaces (using #Bible on Twitter) and with the people you know.


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December 9th, 2010

by Craig Groeschel

Online All Staff Meeting

We had our first online “All Staff Meeting” this week. Several people were asking how we did it, so I thought I’d share a few thoughts.

HOW? We used our church online platform at

WHY? Since our staff is spread out, bringing them together is costly, time consuming, and challenging. We hoped an online event would provide us with the opportunity to communicate, inspire and motivate.

In addition to simply receiving information, the staff had the additional benefit of talking to each other through the online chat.

SURPRISES: None of us had any idea how much fun we’d have. I was laughing out loud much of the time at the hilarious chatting. The staff was buzzing with excitement the day after the meeting.

When we asked people to get serious, they did quickly. The corporate worship was powerful and the prayer time was deeply moving.

We will continue to meet together in person and do an online event once or twice a year when it makes sense. Here is a short clip from the meeting.

If any staff members would like to add some thoughts about your experience, please do.


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