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March 15th, 2010

by Bobby Gruenewald

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Tracking the Intangible

I’ve been traveling for a few weeks and made my last stop this weekend in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest Interactive technology conference. Terry Storch and I were speaking on Technology for Results, Not Profits, and the people attending the session were from very diverse backgrounds. Most were from non-profits, but only a few were from churches.  We talked about sustainability for non-profits (keeping the boat floating) as well as the importance of measuring results.

In a for profit company…the one main measurable is obviously profit. In a church context, there are several common tangibles that are measured (attendance, giving, baptisms, members). We track this kind of information at, and created ChurchMetrics to make it simpler.

But beyond these metrics, there are other indicators that can help us gauge whether we’re on the right track (community or spiritual growth, for example). What are some of the intangibles that your church is trying to measure and how?

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  1. 1mark
    Mar 17, 2010 at 5:18 am


    As a church we currently use a balanced scorecard, that includes some tangibles but many measures are intangible. At the start of each year the core leaders determine what sucess would look like and then provide a monthly account of how they feel that is progressing. This is presented at a monthly leaders meeting where views can be challenged and leaders held accountable to one another. This maybe easier as we are still fairly small (but growing quickly for the UK!) and most people are volunteers not staff. But this approach has really helped in ensuring that we are progressing forwards in all areas not just those that are easier to measure.

    Love to hear more though about how largely churches tackle these issues.

  2. 2mark
    Mar 17, 2010 at 5:20 am

    NB. larger.