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May 15th, 2008

by Bobby Gruenewald

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One Prayer Video Update

Right now, we have over 800 churches representing over 523,000 people in 17 countries signed up to participate in One Prayer!

Here is a video update from Craig about the One Prayer missions initiative and upcoming resources that will be available. You’ll want to make sure you watch the entire video so you can get ideas that you can implement which will help make One Prayer a truly impacting series.

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  1. May 15, 2008 at 2:46 pm

    So thrilled my church is participating. So thrilled God gave this to Craig to steward. So thankful for the way the body of Christ has reacted and come together. What a wonderful demonstration of the spirit of unity and the bond of peace.

  2. May 15, 2008 at 5:20 pm

    Wow… 800 churches! What a revolution.

  3. May 15, 2008 at 7:26 pm

    this series can be a defining moment for Christ-followers. i can’t wait to see what God will do in my family and in our community through us.

  4. May 16, 2008 at 5:30 am

    As I was watching this video I was reminded once again of how “Big” of a deal this is… Thank You Jesus!

    I am just looking through a few words in the previous comments: wonderful demonstration, unity, bond, peace, revolution, defining moment…

    I can only imagine all of the words describing life change stories and unity of this movement called “One Prayer!”

  5. May 16, 2008 at 10:48 am

    [...] is blogging about One Prayer again. Is it similar to [...]

  6. 6laksha
    Jul 1, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Can we forward our personal prayer request for you ?

    Please worship God and ask him to help my financial problems.

    May God Bless you